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We offer a wide range of Forex trading courses for beginners and experienced traders. You can do your sessions anytime and anywhere in the world online with help from one of our experienced coaches trained personally by Dr Ref Wayne- The Grand Master Trader!.

We Offer 'Live' Sessions

Online & face to face



Duration: 2 weeks


This is a great course for anyone who has interest in trading online Markets/ Forex and has little or no formal training.


A great course for anyone who wants to learn how to create another income stream and increase their cashflow.



Duration: 2 days


You will learn all you need to know about navigating the trading platform including setting up customized templates,Profiles and trade journals.


Duration: 2 weeks


A very insightfui course for any trader that just can't seem to understand why they are not consistently profitable.


If you are struggling with not knowing when to place or exit a trade, struggling with Technical/Fundamental analysis, then this popular course is perfect for you.


Master Class


Duration: 2 months


This a great course to take on if you want to learn all there is to know about trading the Markets.


In this course we cover all things Technical & Macro economics from fiscal/monetary policies to 

Market structures and a whole lot more!




Technical Analysis 


Duration: 1 week


Technical analysis helps a trader forecast price movements by studying historical data such as price behaviour and trends.


Technical analysis gives traders insight on what is most likely to happen & how to mitigate against risk.

By understanding technical analysis, you can improve your long-term returns.

A.F.I Indicators 


Duration: 2 Days


Our indicators help you identify directional bias and great entry and exit points in the market which most traders battle with most times. We have 3 indicators:




Channel Surfer.


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