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Forex Trading Courses


We offer a full range of Forex courses for individuals looking to develop a strong trading character and understanding of what moves the markets and how to take advantage of the profit potential.

We offer both theory and extensive practical teaching. We have courses for a beginner to a professional trader.

A.F.I Indicators


Get our cutting edge indicators

developed to help you trade even volatile market conditions. by making sophisticated mathematical calculations for you. 

Our indicators help you identify great Entry and Exit points in the market which most traders battle with most times.

AMG Signals Channel


Join the Fastest Growing trade signal channel with a impressive High Accuracy rate of 90-100% by Dr Ref Wayne-The Grand Master Trader..

Over 40 000 subscribers on the Open Signals channel.

Over 10 000 subscribers on the Premium Signals channel.

“Trading doesn’t just reveal your character, it also builds it if you stay in the game long enough”

What We Offer

Learn from the Best

Check out our available courses on offer.

The Art Of Trading

This books defeats the mindset of the poor who believe that it is only the rich that can get richer. In here Ref Wayne exposes the secret market makers and unscrupulous Forex teachers who portray them self to be the best while their students fall into many errors. Indeed this book is a must have!


We understand that being a trader can be a lonely journey and often a costly one.

Our mentorship programme is designed to challenge and change that narrative for traders by giving you access to experienced coaches who will support and give you practical knowledge on how to interpret  and navigate the markets.

Market Analysis & Commentary


Our market analysis & commentary highlights current, future trends and possible market changes by closely examining fundamental, political and technical data helping you make sound trade decisions.